the story

As a technology entrepreneur, investor, and dog dad I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the chores, tasks, and decisions I had to make on a daily basis. To make it worse, I'm a bit OCD and I work from home, it was driving me crazy that my clothes were everywhere, with no place to put them - killing my productivity. I was sick of having to worry about what I was going to wear everyday and was spending a fortune on dry cleaning.

I began searching for life hacks and ways to simplify my life, and save time and money. It turns out I solved my clothing problem the way I solve any problem. Simplify, automate, and find a way to generate wealth by solving other people's problems.

As the Outsourced CTO to various clothing companies including Yeezy and Five Four I had closets worth of clothes that I didn't even like or wear. I realized I had one black crew neck t-shirt that I loved to wear. It fit well, was comfortable, and I'd always get compliments that I looked like I had lost weight when I wore it! The only problem, a new one cost $60+, which just seemed like way too much to spend for a simple premium black t-shirt (little did I know).

So I donated all of my old clothes, at least 30 bags worth (sorry Yeezy) and set out to find the perfect black crew-neck t-shirt. After testing literally 100+ samples from all around the world I found the perfect shirt and an incredible manufacturing partner! Comfortable and the perfect fit, at an affordable price (not $60).

Unlike most brands, we offer sizes XS through XXXL. For those of you that love a great deal, sign-up for our monthly subscription and you'll save 50% off!

-adam ayers
-founder, trilambda